It’s the hottest facial trend in skincare

Our Oxygeneo® technology triggers the natural process of oxygenation from within, resulting in smoother, revitalized skin.  The OxyPod and serum formulas work synergistically to amplify the desired result and deliver the best treatment for the indicated skin

Geneo™ facials use innovative, non-invasive technology to naturally oxygenate and purify the skin with immediate and long-lasting results.  The Geneo Oxypods pack a powerful punch. When combined with the Oxygenation process, Oxypods release highly effective, active, and all natural ingredients into the skin. The big results that come from these little pods are a prime reason why we love the Geneo Facial.

Step 1 of the Geneo Facial: Oxygenation
This unique step of a Geneo facial lightly exfoliates the skin, while causing a surge of oxygen within the body to rise to the skin’s surface. This physiological reaction leads to an increase in the skin’s ability to absorb the all-natural nutrients within each Geneo OxyPod.

Step 2 of a Geneo Facial: NeoMassage

This step in an Geneo facial includes a NeoMassage which helps to reduce redness, enhance blood flow to the face, and increase collagen stimulation.

Step 3 of a Geneo Facial: Ultrasound

The ultrasound process of an Geneo facial helps to increase the skin’s permeability. Along with this step’s ability to help you relax, this allows the natural ingredients within the Geneo Serum to more fully absorb into the skin’s deeper layers. This helps skin’s moisture, reduce the appearance of pores, and reduce undereye puffiness all at the same time.

Our Geneo Services

Geneo Illuminate, Revive & Hydrate – (45 mins) $150  Learn More

Geneo Bamboo Charcoal  – (45 mins) $175
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The Geneo™ Illuminate Facial helps brighten your skin and noticeably improve pigmentation with the power of Vitamin C.

✨Vitamin C
✨Chanterelle Mushrooms
✨Shiitake Mushrooms
✨Prickly Pear Fruit

Geneo™ Balance Facial Bamboo Charcoal helps detox oily, acne-prone skin types.

✨Camu Camu

Geneo™ Revive Facial Red Algae holds anti-aging properties that help improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines. 

✨Red Algae
✨Coffee Bean
✨Apple Seed
✨Rice Plant

Geneo™ Hydrating Serum enhances moisture retention and strengthens the skin barrier.

✨Hyluronic Acid
✨Vitamin B5
✨Blue Spirulina
✨Tiger Grass

Learn how the Geneo Balance Charcoal Facial™ can work for you

Watch our video to see Oxygeneo®’s unique method of action, then click below to email us for more information about this amazing new treatment.

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